The cost of the 3 day course is £195

Claudine’s Kitchen is going to be running a three day intensive cookery class for Teenagers who are preparing to leave home and are off to University or doing a gap year.

This course will run over 3 days 9.15am- 3.15pm Monday 10th September to Wednesday 12th September at our home in Bovingdon.

The course will be hands on and intensive and enable them to plan, budget and prepare a variety of healthy, quick and easy meals.

We will be covering

  • Hygiene and safety in the kitchen – avoiding food poisoning!
  • Shopping – what, where and when to buy
  • Storing food
  • Healthy eating
  • Cooking for one can be expensive, so we cover cooking in larger quantities and making use of the freezer
  • One pot wonders
  • Cooking with leftovers

They will learn the essential basics of cooking and walk away with a large amount of varied, easy and enjoyable recipes that can be enjoyed every night of the week. They will be going home with new recipes to practice as well as the ones they learn on the course and a full tummy from trying all the foods they have cooked.

Because the class is intensive I will be sending over the schedule and recipes a week before the class and would like the students to have read the recipes and created a shopping list

Day 1
A visit to the supermarket to buy the ingredients, discuss seasonal produce, cuts of meat and budgeting.
Knife skill, health and hygiene and storing foods
Example menu
Chicken casserole, rice and vegetables
Classic sponge cake

Day 2
This is where the cooking really starts
Example menu
Pea and ham soup
Pizza dough
Fresh tomato sauce for pizza, pasta etc
Béchamel, white cheese sauce
Lasagne, cottage pie and spaghetti bolognaise
Make your own muesli, Granola
Beef casserole and mashed potatoes
Apple crumble

Day 3
Breakfast frittata
Vegetable curry, with Quinoa
Rainbow veggie pad thai
Chicken risotto
Fish pie
Aubergine and halloumi Veggie burger
Flatbreads and houmous
Chocolate mousse